Rural Teaching Video

Majority of India still lives in villages and so the topic of rural education in India is of utmost importance. A survey named called the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER).

About Rural Teaching

Quality and access to education is the major concern in rural schools as there are fewer committed teachers, lack of proper text books and learning material in the schools. Though Government schools exist, but when compared to private schools then quality is a major issue.


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Our Gallery

Please note:
29th Saturday, we have decided for the event.

# So please submit Rs.300 for the booking earliest. Last date to submit the booking amount is 20th of June.

# From 21st onward you have to pay Rs.350 for the booking.

# Everyone will get their self table with two chairs.
# Sharing will be allowed for two persons only with Rs.50** discount only.

# L shape stall charges will be Rs.550

# Number of minimum stalls should be 10.

# Every hour lucky draw will be organised during the event for the buyer customers.

# Special lucky draw for the highest selling counter at the end.
Venue: Kalyani apartment, Sector 6 Vasundhara
Timing: 3 pm to 9 pm

Please feel free to contact or message on 8700825416.